Three Systems to Build a Scalable Business

When it comes to building your business, you can either work hard or work smart. Working smart isn't always better than working hard. They both have their place. The reality is you'll need to hustle hard to attract your first few customers. However, over the long run, hard work is overrated and non-sustainable. Working smart, on the other hand, is sustainable and offers you the opportunity to acquire passive income while having balance and enjoying your life.  Working smart also allows you the ability to scale your small business into a global enterprise. 

So what is the "smart way" to build a business?  The smart way is by using systems. In order to scale your business, you need three main systems:

  1. A system for getting the right people's attention;
  2. A system for capturing information; and 
  3. A system for selling your products/services

1. A System for Getting People's Attention

Think of this system as any form of marketing that generates a positive return on investment and doesn't require a continuous commitment of your time. This form of marketing can be different in every business, but here are some resources you can test out no matter what industry:

Google Adwords ad campaign
Social media contests
Engaging blog posts/publications
Video content on YouTube

2. A System for Capturing Information

What good is getting the attention of prospective clients if you do nothing with it? Therefore, the next phase is to build a system that captures user information. One of the most valuable pieces of information you can get from a prospective customer is their email address.  People usually only exchange their personal information with you if they feel like their getting something in return. So, here are some good strategies to capture prospective clients personal information:

A sign-up form for your newsletter
Registration for an eBook
Access to a research paper
A free trial or consultation
A blog subscription

3. A System for Driving Sales

Now that you have systems for generating attention and capturing information, it's time to start monetizing that list of prospective clients. This is when you need a pitch and a platform. Your pitch is how you sell your product/service, and your platform is your way of communicating that pitch to your prospective clientele. 

How you pitch your business is more of an art than a science. After you have created your pitch, the best way to improve it is to test it out. There is nothing like real feedback. Then you can make revisions as needed. The platform that you deliver your business to your prospective clientele can determine how smoothly your business runs. There are some great resources that range in cost. If you're interested in a resource list or just need some help with your pitch and platform, reach out. I am always here to help.  

Make sure to use these three steps to start your business' operational structure. You will then start to see your business growing at a faster rate and making more money...even while sipping mojitos on the beach!  

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