Networking Strategies

Networking has become a vital way to both build business awareness and source qualified leads. Here are some tips on where to be and how to be most effective with networking for your business:

Attend the Right Events

When selecting an event, be sure the other attendees could be potential clients. Many times people select events that sound interesting, but there are no real connections and leads to be made.

Reach out to Event Coordinators and/or Planners

Introduce yourself to the hosts of the event beforehand via email or telephone.  By doing this, you can learn more information about the event or clarify what you can expect. You will also indirectly be providing an informal introduction of who you are and what you do, in case they can suggest certain people you should meet.

Wear the Right Attire

This item goes along with your business branding. Always be professional and conservative over trendy to be safe.

Don't be an Introvert

Walk the room, smile, and introduce yourself. Most times everyone is just as nervous as you, so you should not be nervous about taking the initiative in these situations. If you’re unsure who to approach or what to say, look for a personal connection that can break the ice before diving into business.


Always give yourself deadlines to either email, call or link to the contacts that you meet. Do your best to make a re-introduction within a few days  of meeting. Otherwise, you risk them forgetting about you.

Do you have any other tips that I have missed? Please share them below.

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